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Ms. Ryan's Principal Message


                                                                                                         - Socrates


Welcome to our school, Macy Elementary, ‘Home of the Soaring Eagles.’


In 2016/17, Macy is on a course for a productive and wonderful year and maintains its place as a most respected campus in our community. We continue our work as a top achieving school within California.


Macy is one of five elementary sites in the Lowell Joint School District. We maintain an average enrollment of 540 students and operate 18 self-contained classrooms, (kindergarten through sixth grade).  The campus has a resource center and two district special day classes.  Macy’s English Learner (EL) population is ‘small and scattered’ and all teachers are certificated to meet the needs for developing English proficiency in students.


As we turn towards a new year in 2017, the Macy families and staff reflect on having received the 2016 California GOLD Ribbon School Award and the 2010 California Distinguished School Award.


At Macy, the teachers work diligently to uphold the rigor of our academic program and to this end; students are challenged to embrace their full learning potential. Teachers implement lessons found in the District Patriotic Guide; where social responsibility and good citizenship are emphasized in order to foster a strong appreciation of America’s great heritage. This knowledgeable and energetic staff excels in all professional requirements and teachers work with a spirit of collaboration as they share ideas and strategies with enthusiasm.


The social well being of the children is of great importance to the staff and I. We operate several programs specifically designed to promote the emotional welfare of these terrific kids and when we return from the holidays; Macy will be launching our newest program entitled, “Dude Be Nice!”  DBN Week will support the positive climate and culture already found within our walls and in January, students will participate in activities which recognize those who need a kind note, a laugh, or a friend on campus. Staff members who would otherwise go unrecognized for the service they provide, and the selfless manner in which they provide it, will likewise, be honored.


The school theme this year taps into a common phrase used by the entire Macy student body during our monthly award’s assemblies and in classrooms too; this is, “Macy Ohana – No one is left behind, or forgotten.”


Thank you, one and all, for joining us in our journey this year!  Together we are making a tremendous difference in the lives of our children, each and everyday!




Ms. Ryan

Macy Principal

The Clay Committee - 6th Grade Terra Cotta Soldiers

The Clay Committee - 6th Grade Terra Cotta Soldiers

Macy is GOLDen!

Macy is GOLDen!

Macy Fun in the Rain!

Macy Fun in the Rain!

2010 California Distinguished School

2016 California Gold Ribbon School

Member of the La Habra Council - California 4th District PTA

Member of the La Habra Council - California 4th District PTA



The Board of Trustees of the Lowell Joint School District appointed Mr. Marty Tourville to fill the unexpired term of Brandon Jones.  The provisional appointment serves until the next general election held in November 2018.


Mr. Tourville shared that his “philosophy of education is that every child deserves the opportunity to have available the best possible education.  It is also the responsibility of the administration to provide a safe environment to learn and grow.”


President Darin Barber, who presided over the open session interviews and selection process, stated, “We had a number of very capable and well-qualified individuals come forward to volunteer to serve on the Board of Trustees.  This was a very difficult decision as all of the Trustees would be proud to serve with any one of the applicants.”


Superintendent Coombs stated, “We welcome Mr. Tourville to the Board and the Lowell family.  We are excited to work together with him and his fellow Board members as we rely upon our district’s strong traditions and take our next steps forward as a District of Destination.”


Press Release - Marty Tourville 2017 Appointed.pdf


At the February 16, 2017, Board Meeting, Martin "Marty" E. Tourville was appointed as the provisional appointee to the vacant position by the Lowell Joint school District Board of Trustees.  The provisional appointment shall become an effective appointment unless a petition calling for a special election, containing a sufficient number of signatures, is filed in the office of the Los Angeles County Superintendent of Schools within 30 days of the date of the provisional appointment.