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Student Systems

At Macy we have several computer based systems that are used to enrich the academic experience of our students. The information below provides an overview of each system and which grade levels utilize them.
Clever Logo
Clever is a tool that is utilized by the district to allow students to log in to their student systems through one central portal.
Students in TK-1st log in using a student badge (QR code) and students in 2nd-6th grades log in using their district email and password. For more information contact your child's teacher.
Access Clever here:
ST Math
ST Math Logo
ST Math, sometimes referred to as Jiji, is a visual math program that builds a deep conceptual understanding of math through rigorous learning and creative problem solving.
ST Math is used by students in Kindergarten-6th grade.
Acclerated Reader (AR)
AR Logo
Accelerated Reader or AR is a computer-based program that schools may use to monitor reading practice and progress. It helps teachers guide kids to books that are on kids’ individual reading levels. Kids take short quizzes after reading a book to check if they’ve understood it.
Students in 1st-6th grade are using this program. Please note that students may not take AR quizzes from home.
Seesaw Logo
Seesaw is a student driven digital portfolio which also allows for simple parent communication.
Students explore a variety of powerful tools (like drawing, voice recording, taking videos, and more!) to show what they know in the way that works best for them
Teachers discover their students strengths and areas for growth in real time so that they can  differentiate instruction.
Families get to see student work and celebrate progress.
Students in 1st-3rd grade may use this program.
Moby Max
Moby Max Logo
Moby Max helps students and teachers to pinpoint learning gaps and fill them.
Students in 3rd-6th grade use this program.
Epic Reading is a digital library for kids offering unlimited access tEpic Logoo 35000 of the best children's books of all time. 
Students in 3rd-4th grade use this program.
Tynker LogoStudents learn to code with Tynker's easy-to-learn, visual programming courses. Tynker makes it fun to learn computer programming.

This is a new program at Macy which can be used in Kindergarten-6th grade.
Prodigy Math
Prodigy Logo
Prodigy Math presents an adaptive math games reinforce what your child is learning in school. Students solve math challenges to progress through the game.
Students in 3rd-6th grade use this program.
Headsprout logo
Headsprout uses effective, interactive online episodes to teach students the reading fundamentals and comprehension skills they need to become successful readers.
Headsprout is currently used by students in Kindergarten.
Lexia Logo
Students work independently to develop critical reading and language skills through individualized, motivating learning paths.
All students, regardless of their skill level, can each work at their own pace.
Lexia is currently used by students in Kindergarten.
Khan Academy
Khan Academy LogoCreated by experts, Khan Academy’s library of trusted, standards-aligned practice and lessons covers math, grammar, science, history, and more. It’s all free for learners and teachers.
Khan Academy is used by students in 4th-6th grade in the classroom, but it is free to anyone for general use.
Duolingo Logo
Duolingo is a language learning software which allows students to learn a new language at their own pace.
Students in 5th grade use Duolingo in the classroom, but it is free to anyone for general use.